About Ian

I'm Ian G. Hawkes. I'm a comedian, filmmaker, and game developer. I studied video game development at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, where I also spent my time acting, both on stage and on film. I discovered a love not just for traditional theatre, but also for improv, sketch comedy, standup and even behind the scenes work as director and filmmaker. I still enjoy creating games and films, and I use my experience with film to influence my work as a game designer.

I was a member of Kilroy Sketch Comedy for all four years of college, during which I filmed many short sketches. As I became more experienced, I learned how to use Premiere and After Effects for complex editing and special effects. I also went on tour with the rock band, The Cars during their 2011 tour and filmed the music video for the song Free. For more information, check out my Videos page.

In school, I studied game development, but specifically programming. The biggest project I've worked on was senior year capstone project, Not Dead Enough, a zombie game where the player takes the role of a zombie. I was one of the three programmers and I worked on the artificial intelligence, character behaviors, pathfinding, and other game systems. For more information, check out my Games page.

Current Projects

  • Harmonix

    I work in QA at Harmonix Music Systems in Cambridge, MA. I've been doing quality assurance for Fantasia: Music Evolved and Dance Central Spotlight, although I'm currently working on the later. Both titles are due later this year.